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Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

I’m chip Wade and this month  I’m teaming up with Wayfarers here some  really easy DIY tips on how to upgrade  your bathroom today we’re going to be  talking about maximizing a really small  bathroom when you’re in a tight space  like this really small bathroom it’s so  helpful to do as many things as possible  to make you feel more spacious a couple  of tips that I found that really do help  is maximizing the amount of reflective  glass you have in your vanity mirror.

I  love this selection because there’s so  much reflectivity and the frame is very  very minimal but it’s also beautiful  with a nice beaded accent you can never  go wrong with the faux orchid that  molding is it very easy to maintain  it also gives that feeling of life in an  otherwise somewhat sterile environment  look at the rug on the floor this is a  great example of just providing shape  and dimension to a very small space as  well as movement in an otherwise very  angular boxy room one of the most  effective ways of maximizing a small  space is to include elements that go  from the floor all the way to the  ceiling you can see the shelving unit  above the toilet does just that  it’s nice high contrast.

However it’s  very low-profile and tailored with glass  shelves allowing the maximum amount of  light to go through it the last idea  that’s really impactful is to hang your  shower curtain just a little bit higher  than you normally would this provides  one more element to bring your eye from  the floor all the way to the ceiling  making the space feel a whole lot taller  making a small space feel so much bigger  it’s really not that hard if you keep it  simple I love to have neutrals on the  walls create elements from floor to  ceiling  and provide that sense of life and  freshness it just makes it feel inviting  more tips like this.

How to replace your toilet seat

Hello replacing a toilet seat is your  responsibility as a home root customer  it’s a relatively simple job if that is  you’ve got the right size replacement  because you probably won’t require any  tools and the critical space between the  fixing holes it’s becoming less of an  issue as most modern toilet seats are  adjustable if you can make your repair  wearing gloves either washing up gloves  or the thin latex type but if it feels  awkward wearing them be sure to use a  barrier cream on your hands.

Before  starting for obvious reasons the first  thing you need to do before you fix the  replacement in place is to clean the  toilet  before you fix it in place check that  all of the seats contact points will  touch the toilet pan  if you need to adjust the width of the  fixing plates simply follow the  instructions that come with your seat  then simply locate the fixing screws on  the seat over the holes in the toilet  pan and lower it into place but don’t  drop it you could damage the poor sleep  adjust the seats are you happy it’s  where it needs to be you’ll know.

When  you’ve got it because it just looks  right when you’re happy with the  position take the fixing nuts and screw  them onto the locating screws  using your hands or the tool provided  take care not to over-tighten them as  this can split the nuts if the plastic  or it could crack the porcelain if the  metal before you finish tightening the  nuts just check that the seat is still  where you want it to be if it’s not  realized it until it is and when you’re  happy finish tightening the nuts  remember not to over tighten them now  you know how to fit your new toilet  seats removing your old broken one will  be easy if there’s something you’re not  sure about or replacing yours proves a  bit more complicated speak to your local  DIY store  you.